Motivating, Recognising and Rewarding People

Aligning behaviours to your business goals

They all work

They usually start off highly motivated

They work for you or want to work for you

They buy from you

Your success depends on them

What we do

Communication - What do you want me to do?

You may have the best products and services in the world but it's largely wasted if your internal communications aren't supporting your external investments. We can help:

  • SAAS Communications platform
  • Bonus and commission calculations
  • Digital web-app development
  • Content management
  • Onboarding & user management
  • Dedicated video production
  • Design Studio
  • Specialist communications (Pensions, Rewards, PRP, etc.)

Education - How do I do it?

Your people need to be at the heart of your transformation. Lifelong learning can be fun, motivating and transformational:

  • Quiz app
  • Frontline learning
  • Digital transformation
  • Microlearning Platforms
  • Gamification
  • Blended Video learning
  • SCORM Compliant eLearning
  • Facilitator led Classroom learning
  • Coaching

Measurement - How am I getting on?

Why have traditional measurement and reporting services been so complex and unfathomable?

  • Simple measure of employee engagement
  • Alignment between employee engagement and customer satisfaction (NPS)
  • Simple surveys
  • Simplified reporting
  • Dashboards

Reward - What's in it for me?

A Thank You can be worth a thousand pounds:

  • Vouchers
  • Experiences
  • Instant E-codes
  • Gifts
  • ‘Free Rewards’
  • Consumer Promotions
  • ampBond
  • Pre-paid rewards card
  • Your Heroes
  • Saying ‘Thank You’
  • Spin and win prizes - Rewards gamified

Aligning behaviours to your business goals

Employee motivation and incentives

Partner motivation and engagement

Consumer promotions and incentives

About Us


We work across all industry sectors with key executives and their teams on pioneering and innovative solutions to improve the performance of their people.

Adam Sidbury and Melanie Leach founded the business in 2017 having worked together for over 25 years at Europe's leading firm. The team at amp Performance aims to pre-empt business challenges before the brief is written.  We work both tactically and strategically in partnership with clients to produce best in class solutions that stand the test of time. The magic is bringing together customers and employees to build a better brand. 


We are living at the start of The Technological Revolution that will transform lives across the world with even more impact than The Industrial Revolution 200 years ago. 

By harnessing new ways of operating, we can help transform businesses, take out complexity, reduce costs and improve profitability.


Access to ground-breaking people, products and ideas will help break the mould and transform businesses.

We have the experience and the insights but without the large overheads and fees!

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